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At Simply Pretzel, we have kept our product range deliberately small to allow us to put all of our time and effort into our pretzels & pretzel based products to deliver you the tastiest, most authentic German pretzels in Melbourne.

German Pretzel

Our signature and most popular product. Our hand twisted German Pretzels are made from a traditional sourdough base, which has been brought over from Europe to retain its authentic European flavour and texture. We follow the same traditional recipe used throughout Europe, with NO added fats or preservatives.

Laugen Roll

Made from the same traditional sourdough recipe as our German pretzels. Our Laugen rolls have the same smokey pretzel flavour, just in a more convenient and easy to manage shape. They are perfect for made up sandwiches, catering, hotdogs, etc. as and alternative to the generic white dinner roll.

Sweet Pretzel

Our sweet alternative to the salty German pretzel. Retaining that iconic pretzel knot shape. It is made from a sweet, brioche style dough, covered in various sweet toppings. 

Giant German Pretzel

Perfect for events and festivals, our giant German pretzels are sure bring to the WOW factor. Made from a soft, white dough. It is dipped in a food-grade lye solution to give it that authentic, smokey pretzel flavour.

Beer Sticks

Made from the same traditional, sourdough recipe as our classic German pretzels. Our beer sticks are a lighter alternative, which are perfectly paired with a nice, cool beer or enjoyed alone as a tasty snack.

About Us

Started up by my husband and I. Simply Pretzel is a local, specialist German pretzel bakery located in Melbourne, Australia. 

Having both been raised in Europe and been bakers for most of our working lives, we share a strong passion for authentic, European baked goods. Although after moving to Australia we struggled to find that same bold, authentic flavour we were so used to. Therefore in order to share that same love and flavour found across European bakeries, we started Simply Pretzel here in Melbourne.

Traditionally-baked and handmade, we pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of our products. Also by following the same traditional recipe used throughout Europe, we give them that unique flavour and texture unmatched by the soft, sugary Philly style pretzel found throughout Australia.

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Join our family of stockists, and diversify your menu with a truely unique and delicious product that can't be found elsewhere. 

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Perfect for any function, party or event, corporate or non corporate. Our pretzels are sure to WOW your guests.

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Find us at our Simply Pretzel stall at various locations across Melbourne serving our delicious, fresh German pretzels.

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